Restaurant opening hours

Opening hours of the restaurant:

Tuesday - Friday 13:00 - late

To guarantee a seat and for the best service and experience, you need to book a table in advance. For table reservations, it is from 13:00 and the last seating is at 19:00 For our hotel guests, the restaurant is open every day with a limited menu on Mondays. We accept group bookings every day of the week for parties of 10 people or more.

If you want personal assistance for your booking, SEK 50 will be added if it is a booking for less than 8 people.

Breakfast is served daily between 08:00 and 10:00.


Menu Charlottenlund


Toast Skagen

Classic toast Skagen
119 kr


A classic carpaccio on beef tenderloin.
Topped with arugula, together with pine nuts,
parmesan and truffle mayonnaise.
134 kr

Chèvre au gratin

Toast with gratinated chèvre topped with honey
pine nuts and arugula salad
95 kr

Charlottenlund board (2 people)

Broccoli brie pie, Parma ham, Milan salami, olives, priest cheese,
French brie cheese, marmalade, strawberries and grapes
285 kr

Hot dishes

Charlottenlund vegetarian

Halloumi or vegetable steak with oven-baked new potatoes,
sauce verte that is homemade and with our
own herbs of course.
To this a fresh salad with strawberries, bread and butter

195 kr

Charlottenlund's steak

Our favorite dish! Minced beef with
young baked potatoes, with young baked potatoes, red wine sauce and béarnaise sauce.
To this a fresh salad
with strawberries, bread and butter.

275 kr

200 gr Fillet of beef

Locally produced Simmental beef fillet directly from
our neighbor here in Skattegård.
Served with potato gratin and our delicious red wine sauce, seasoned with herbs from our
own orangery. To this a fresh salad, bread and butter.

395 kr

Fresh baked salmon

Topped with a horseradish cream cheese.
Served with young baked potatoes and our delicious
sauce verte. Fresh salad topped with
strawberries and bread and butter

265 kr

Stuffed chicken fillet

Filled with cream cheese. Served with oven-baked
potatoes and sauce verte.
To this a fresh
summer salad, bread and butter.

239 kr

Children's menu

Spaghetti with meat sauce
A classic with our locally produced meat, herbs and spaghetti
79 kr

Sausages, chicken nuggets or meatballs with fries
Served with, summery salad, dressing and ketchup
79 kr


Dream Vanilla Cheesecake
Ginger's specialty cheesecake served in glasses,
topped with vanilla dreams, coconut and fresh berries.

84 kr

Vanilla ice cream
A creamy bourbon vanilla ice cream, served with
chocolate sauce and mixed berries

89 kr

Chocolate brownie
Ingers homemade chocolate brownie in the best pastry way.
To this of course whipped cream topped with fresh berries

79 kr

Charlottenlund's waffle
A waffle you will never forget.
We start by adding a bourbon ice cream,
then we continue with whipped cream and berries.
Of course, this dish is topped with our own
raspberry jam here from Charlottenlund

99 kr

While we're on the subject of Inger as a pastry chef, it's
possible to order her masterpieces by the truckload with different
variations on cakes. Or why not ask for your favorite cake?
Feel free to ask for the Charlottenlund cake, it does not go off for hacks.

A little something for everyone

Snacks mix
Chips, peanuts and cashews
75 kr

Sandwich roll

Cheese, ham
45 kr

Salami brie
55 kr

Skagen scrambled eggs and salmon
69 kr

Sandwich baguette

Cheese, ham
65 kr

Salami brie
75 kr

Skagen scrambled eggs and salmon
89 kr

Ginger's delicious pastries

Varies from day to day

34 kr

For all other starters and main courses, children
under twelve years old eat for half price. We do not take cash. Payment by card or Swish



Charlottenlund Wines

Karl-Johan and Charlotta, who built Charlottenlund, decided to build a new dwelling house in 1898. It took seven years to complete, with a total of six beautiful tiled stoves and a wood stove. 


Karl-Johan had decided that this house would stand out a little more in the village. However, the neighboring farm, which was a little ahead with its new house, had installed extraordinary chimneys of the absolute latest fashion from Höganäs. 


In the village, people talked about how beautiful and fancy these were. This did not quite fit in with Karl-Johan's plans and Charlottenlund's new parade house. 

Karl-Johan then took a horse and cart and went to Höganäs. Once there, he placed an order for two exactly the same chimneys, but they would be a foot higher. 


The chimneys are still standing today and that is also our motto with our wine list, we want you as a guest to feel that it is a level higher, or rather "A foot higher".



Charlottenlund is, of course, named after Karl-Johan's dearest, Charlotta.


Sparkling wine


Crudo Prosecco

Italy - Glera


Fresh, fruity aroma with floral notes, 

aromatic notes of citrus, apple and pear. 

As an aperitif and with seafood, fish and salads


Glass 95kr Bottle 439kr


Suitable for menu: Smoked lamb, Skagen



Cava Funambul Nature Reserve

Spain - Xarell-ho, Macabeo, Parellada


Fresh taste of ripe honeydew melon, greens 

apples. Suitable as a companion wine, fish and 

lighter meat dishes, buffet food, mushrooms and

mature cheeses.


Glass 99kr Bottle 489kr


Suitable for menu: smoked lamb, Skagen, Carpaccio



Champagne Palmer Brut Reserve 

France - Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, 

Pinot Meunier


Delicate and very fresh scent with apple 

fruit, hints of toast and citrus. 


Bottle 789kr


Suitable as an aperitif, seafood and cheese.


White wine

La Medusa Bianco

Italy, Cataratto - Grecanico
Fresh and fruity aroma with hints of citrus
and green apples.

Suitable as a companion wine,
for salads, fish and seafood.

Glass 89kr Bottle 395kr

Suitable for menu: Smoked lamb, skagen

mineral stone

Germany - Riesling
Dry and delicately fruity and fresh aroma with
fine, slightly smoky mineral tone, hints of apple,
gooseberry, rhubarb and peach.

Suitable as an aperitif, with fish and natural
seafood, vegetable-based dishes, sushi
and food with an Asian
touch (chili).

Glass 99kr Bottle 457kr

Suitable menu: Skagen, veg, cod.


Hahn Chardonnay

USA, Monterey - Chardonnay


Fresh scent of pineapple and lemon with a light 

hints of butter and vanilla. 


Suitable for slightly buttery fish dishes or lighter 

light meat dishes.


Glass 99kr Bottle 465kr


Suitable for menu: Skagen, Carpaccio, Smoked lamb



Rosé wine


La Maison Grand Cuvée Rosé

France - Cinsault, Merlot


Generously fruity aroma with hints of 

wild raspberries, strawberries and red currants. 

Excellent as a companion wine, aperitif, salads.


Glass 89kr Bottle 395kr OBS 1 liter


Suitable for menu: Skagen, Carpaccio, veg




Red wine


La Medusa Rosso

Italy - Syrah - Nero d´Avola


Fresh and fruity scent in a young and spicy style 

with hints of dark fruit such as blackberries 

and plums. Suitable as a companion wine, with 

cold cuts and light meat dishes


Glass 89kr Bottle 395kr


Suitable menu: Smoked lamb, chicken fillet, veg.


Rooster Pino Black

USA, Monterey - Pinot Noir 

Generous aroma of cherries and raspberries, spicy 

elements and elegant notes of barrels. Meat dishes of 

lighter meat such as poultry, pork, veal.


Glass 99kr Bottle 465kr


Passing menu: 

Carpaccio, chicken fillet, charlotte steak, veg


Castello Fonterutoli 2019

Chianti Classico - Ser Lapo


90% Sangiovese, 10% Merlot


With this outstanding Chianti Classico Riserva, Marquis Mazzei celebrates his remarkable ancestor Ser Lapo, author of the first official document mentioning "Chianti wine"

So if you want to taste a real Chianti, this is the wine you should enjoy tonight. 


A mature wine with a good fullness, as Mazzei wants to highlight as a true Chianti wine. Rich in its texture. A perfect combination of elegance, structure and minerals.


Bottle 595kr


Perfect for our stews, truffles, Charlottenlundsbrädan, chicken fillet, lamb


Elio Altare Langhe Nebbiolo

Italy, Piedmont - Nebbiolo


Nuanced and spicy scent with a barrel character 

and hints of cherry, rosehip, sage and 

Chocolate. Relatively rich, suitable for savory 

lamb, beef or game dishes.


Bottle 693kr


Suitable for menu: fillet of beef, lamb


Chateauneuf du Pape 

La Grande Gardiole 2019

France, CNdP - Grenache, Syrah, 

Mourvedre, Cinsault


Great fresh and slightly aromatic scent with 

ripe fruit and discreet fatness, clean elements 

of plums and blackberries, herbs and 

white pepper. Rich and suitable for savory 

meat dishes from lamb, beef and game, for example 

stews and rich dishes with mushrooms.


Bottle 733kr


Suitable for menu: fillet of beef, Charlottenlund steak, lamb


Fonterutoli Chianti Classico

Italy, Chianti - Sangioves


Nuanced, spicy scent with hints of 

 cherries, plums, roasted barrels and 

dark chocolate. 

Suitable for cold cuts, lamb and game.


Glass 109kr Bottle 495kr


Suitable menu: chicken fillet, charlotte steak, veg, lamb.


The Volte 2020

Italy, Tuscany - Cabernet Sauvignon, 



Delicious aroma with sweetish dark berry fruit and 

fine roasted barrel, hints of black currant, 

dark cherries, plums and dark chocolate. 

Soft relatively rich, suitable for everything from antipasto 

and pasta to spicier lamb dishes, 

beef and game.


Glass 114kr Bottle 525kr


Suitable menu: chicken fillet, charlotte steak, veg, 

fillet of beef, lamb


Ornellaia 2021

Le Serre Nuove - Bolgheri Doc Rosso

Italy, Tuscany


50% Merlot, 28% Cabernet Sauvignon, 11% Cabernet Franc, 11% Petit Verdot


This great wine is made from the same varieties as Ornellaia's flagship wine, under the same sky, from the same philosophy: Le Serre Nuove dell'Ornellaia is a proud second wine of the Ornellaia winery, it has the ability to predict the flagship wine of the estate. Together, the two wines provide their own distinct points of view. The pleasure of sipping Le Serre Nuove dell'Ornellaia evolves over time, adding the charm of maturity to the vigor of youth.  



Winemaker's notes

"The product of a vintage that has proven to be high-caliber and deeply satisfying, Le Serre Nuove dell'Ornellaia 2021 lets the tannin qualities and balanced concentration shine through.

The wine exhibits a clear ruby red with the usual purple highlights in the glass. Refreshing on the nose with aromas of pink pepper and cypress berries, reminiscent of the Mediterranean bush.

On tasting, the wine is elegant with a lovely acidity and a persistent and tasty finish, inviting further enjoyment."


Olga Fusari - Winemaker


Bottle 999kr


Suitable menu: chicken fillet, charlotte steak, veg, 

fillet of beef, lamb


Ornellaia 2020 

La Proporzione' - Bolgheri Doc Superiore Rosso

Italy, Tuscany


50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 32% Merlot, 13% Cabernet Franc, 5% Petit Verdot 


Ornellaia's and Charlottenlund's absolutely finest wine you can imagine. Here we present a world-class wine!

Ornellaia is a mix of nature and just sitting back. Complex ancient soils that converse through wisdom with a delicate microclimate that echoes and reflects in the Mediterranean. Long aging accompanies the estate's fine wine to achieve its utmost expression, revealing finesse and generosity over a long time.


Winemaker's notes:

"With its deep ruby red color, Ornellaia 2020 stands out on the nose with ripe red fruits and delicate vanilla and mild tobacco notes. Upon tasting, the wine proves to be rounded and velvety, giving a pleasurable and engaging first impression that entices a second tasting. The tannins are dense yet elegant and the finish proves to be flavorful and persistent."


Olga Fusari - Winemaker


Bottle 2850kr 


Suitable menu: chicken fillet, charlotte steak, veg, 

fillet of beef, lamb