Welcome to Alpacka Park!

Here you will have the chance to meet our charming camelids, originally from the Andes. We have nine fluffy alpacas living here with us. Every spring we shear their wool, which is then used to create beautiful hand-knitted garments right here on the farm. Our knitting expert Inger creates the most amazing creations.

Alpaca Tracking

For a unique experience, book an Alpaca Tracking! Take your family or company on a guided tour of the area, complete with a scored walk. Upon arrival, we'll give instructions and prepare you for your adventure. Then you'll set off on an hour-long tracking in the company of your own personal alpaca! 


Alpacka Tracking entry fee 495kr
Adult 120kr
Children under 12 years 60kr

Example, 1 alpaca per 2 people as they are herd animals and must be at least two alpacas per turn.

Meet the Alpacas

Come to Charlottenlund and meet all the animals. Our Highland Cattle, our koi fish and the alpacas. In this package you get to come in to all the animals and feed them. You will each get a basket with food for all the different animals. 

The small coffee package:
Coffee/tea/festis and cake: 120 SEK adult and 60 SEK child under twelve years 

Between the coffee package
Coffee/tea/festis and chocolate brownie, with cream and berries or Ginger's good pannacotta: 150 SEK adult and 75 SEK children under twelve years 

Big coffee package
Coffee/tea/festis and Charlottenlund waffle à la luxury, with bourbon ice cream, cream and berries : 170 SEK adult and 85 SEK children under twelve years 

Please note that Alpacka Tracking must be pre-booked. 

Contact us on 0371-460 57 to book.